E-business Solutions Platform

This innovative platform is used in building and deploying various e-commerce and online websites and services. With the diligent presentation and effective application development skills, the customers' need of brand building, e-business and communication is fulfilled.

ERP Systems for Textile Industry, Educational Institutions

This ERP system addresses the core functional areas of any Industry and is based on a sound system architecture with multiple layers. The flexibility of the system with ability to augment more features on a fly is a good value proposition to customers.

Human Resources Management System

This system takes into account of various processes related to Human resources development and automates the same. The system provides features to configure itself for implementing multiple processes for the same functional requirement.

Online CMS/KMS

Keeping the competition in mind, this system effectively addresses the need of optimal knowledge sharing within the company for higher productivity. System provides platform for gathering, classifying, rating and indexing various information for optimal retrieval and reusability. This product has a core platform for content management and delivery with peripheral modules for analysis and reporting.

Workflow Management System

This solution implements a true paper less office where complex business processes are involved with various roles being played by multiple executives. The online approval, data reference etc reduces the need for complex processing. The solution is highly customizable with architecture supporting stability and scalability.

Inventory Management System

This system aims at optimizing inventory cost with perfect blend of data management and analytical reporting.

Productivity Management System

This system consists for various reusable modules, which can either be used individually or collectively to arrive at improved productivity in any organization. It has a well architected integration platform so that the modules can be deployed on the fly based in the plug and play model.

Operational Management and Audit System

This system helps the self-employed and professional consulting firms in deploying and managing their business entities with customized implementation of processes and effective management of tasks and projects

Telecom Call monitoring Application

This platform helps to analyse the VOIP calls for their call duration, call failure reason, regional analysis, from and to numbers, usage analysis etc. This also provides a rules based engine for building customer loyalty points for regular users of calls.

Medicare Services Management

This online solution manages the resources of hospitals with details categorisation of doctors, patients, supporting staff and other resources with sound planning, administration and controlling tools. The platform is scalable with dynamic configuration and extension.